Great Taste Services

Great Taste New Zealand offers a range of goods and services associated with servicing the hospitality market.

  • Supply of Lean Game Meats and Processed goods
  •       A full range of exotic and game meats including Ostrich, Kangaroo, Crocodile, Rabbit, Hare, Wild Pork & Venision, Alpaca, Milk Fed Lamb, Goat, Thar.
  •       Most of the exotic and game meats are available as Manuka Smoked Sausages, Salami’s and Patties.
  • Supply of unique NZ and Australian ingredients as part of Great Taste Downunder food concepts
  •       Unique NZ herbs of the land and sea including Horopito, Kawakawa, Piko Piko and Karengo are widely accepted as seasonings that provide a defining taste on NZ menu’s.
  •       Australian Indigenous herbs are supplied from the Internationally recognised Cherikoff range to compliment the imported Kangaroo, Crocodile.
  • Consultancy business relating to
  • Food Tourism – A range of projects are undertaken to assist with menu design and added value products to support Food Tourism operations.
  • Menu Design for contempory Australian and New Zealand menus – Restaurants, Hotels and Lodges actively seek our Great Taste NZ products to provide a unique point of difference for their menu’s and beverage requirements.
  • Unique Australian and New Zealand menus for Event Catering – Great Taste NZ has supported many Events in NZ such as NZ Fashion Week, Rugby World Cup and Australia Week.
  • Added value – Specialist Food Companies, Artisans and Flavour houses utilize services of Great Taste NZ in supporting development of new food and beverage products.