Specialty Condiments

Great Taste NZ specializes in condiments of the world, grown by passionate artisinal companies with exceptional quality.
Products include Saffron, Wasabi Paste, Horseradish Cream, Lavender Buds, Olive Powder, Macadamia sprinkles, Pear and Apple Syrups and NZ Honey’s

Marlbourgh Saffron
Marlborough Saffron has introduced an innovative range of Saffron products that compare very favourably with Saffron worldwide. The product innovation is world leading.
Mandy’s Horseradish
The Horseradish is grown in Canterbury developing outstanding heat and flavour when formulated to Mandy's outstanding Horseradish Cream recipe
Fresh Fields Syrups
Freshfields Syrups are Pure concentrated Syrups including Pear, Apple and Maple and Pear produced by ENZAfoods.
Coppersfolly Pure Wasabi
Coppeersfolly Pure Wasabi is gorwn on the West Coast and in Canterbury regions of the South Island where Winter chill enhances great flavour.