Sea Vegetables

The use of Sea Vegetables in Worldwide Cuisine is a top 10 trend.
Great Taste NZ actively promotes the use of worldwide sea vegetables including NZ flavoured kelps, Karengo (Nori) and International sea vegetables such as Dulse, Fijian Sea Grapes and French Spaghetti Seaweed. Nutritionally sea vegetables are unsurpassed and are clearly a “Superfood”.

Manuka Smoked Salt
Smoked Salt is natural New Zealand sea crystal smoked with New Zealand Manuka Wood.
Kelp Seasoning
Pacific Harvest promotes Ecklonia Kelp variety harvested from throughout New Zealand. Kelp is recognised for its exceptional dietary value with the best natural source of Iodine.
Karengo is harvested in the wild from the sea coast in New Zealand. It is a close cousin of Nori.