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Marlbourgh Saffron

Marlborough Saffron has introduced an innovative range of Saffron products that compare very favourably with Saffron worldwide. The product innovation is world leading.

Saffron from Marlborough

The Marlborough Saffron has exceptional colour (crocin) and flavour (Saffranol) compared to world A grade saffron. The product has a unique metallic honey taste to be used with reverence!

Saffron comes in a range of products
Threads - orange and uniquely dried - 0.3gm
Verjuice - utilizes Neudorf Verjuice - 100ml/1 litre / 5 litre
Extract - is a water soluble stabilized extract - 50ml / 300ml
Oil - contains Saffron resin in rice bran oil giving flavour without colour much like an exquisite Truffle oil - 50ml
Encapsulated Powder - is stabilized in powder base - 10gm

Threads - typically rehydrated for colour and flavour in sweet and savour applications
Verjuice - is devine with a touch of lemon on oysters
Extract - try in all sweet and savoury applications for colour and flavour with no need for rehydration as with threads.
Oil - can be used much like Truffle oil for mayonnaise or garnishig Salmon or Fish once cooked.
Encapsulated Powder - suits use in all dry applications requiring no additional liquid such as Saffron brownie or use like a "pollen"

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