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The Pepper Tree (Kawakawa) is sometimes described as Bush Basil and is used widely in Food, Beverage and Cosmetic products. It is harvested in the Bay of Plenty on coastal and bush verges. Traditionally the Maori used it in cuisine and medicine.

Kawakawa - (Macropiper excelsum)



Kawakawa has a unique tea like aroma with basil/tarragon flavour notes.
Product is available in retail display cartons for speciality Food Stores (12 x 12g) or
for chefs in 65g containers

Kawakawa is produced from an air dried leaf, ground to 1-2mm and is green/brown in colour.

Kawakawa is best infused into marinades, sauces, pesto and dressings for use with fish and meat. e.g. Mussels with garlic butter & kawakawa (bread crumb topping)
It also makes beautiful teas. e.g Kawakawa, Ginger, Lemon and Lime.

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