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Karengo is harvested in the wild from the sea coast in New Zealand. It is a close cousin of Nori.


As a frond directly from the bag, it has a light "mushroom" flavour.
Dried further it tastes nutty and slightly salty; Moist the flavour is mild anchovy.
When rehydrated the fronds have a beautiful purple colour.

Dried Fronds are available in 50gm & 500gm packets
Seasoning is available in 150gm

Karengo fronds are produced from drying the seaweed and the seasoning from grinding the roasted fronds.

Combines beautifully in fish and seafood dishes, as a condiment for game meat or mixed with roast vegetables - and much more.
Roast in oven for a few seconds until crisp and mix with salad or serve on Salmon.