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Horopito (Bush Pepper) is found in more moutainess country in New Zealand. It is one of the oldest surviving uniquely New Zealand trees. Like Kawakawa it has a history of use in Maori Cuisine and medicine and is now used in contemporary cuisine, beverages and condiments.

Horopito -(Pseudowintera colerata)


Horopito has a unique orange, bourbon aromatics and the heat of chilli peppers. Cooking imparts woody notes.

It is available in retail display cartons for Speciality Food Stores (12 x 12g) or for chef use in 100gm containers.

Product is produced from organically grown Horopito in the Nelson region. It is a Red/brown, ground, air dried leaf.

Horopito is best infused into marinades, sauces and dressing for use with meat and fish. Use Horopito to create heat (chilli pepper) whilst recognising it has a more gently back neat than chilli, so compliments Chilli use.
Use as a finishing seasoning for heat or infuse flavour into sauces.
Is used in teas and beverages.