28 Jan 2012

Pacific Harvest Limited

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Karengo is the wild nori from NZ. It is a delicate seaweed to be used as a snack or like a herb . We present it in a varieties of ways: fronds, flakes and seasoning granules. We also use it to fortify/increase the nutritional value of sea salt (Jazz Salt) and chutney (Karengo and Tamarillo Chutney).

  • Kelp Seasoning – Lime, Lemon, Chilli, Smoked, Garlic and plain. Air dried.
  • Karengo – air dried sea lettuce (NZ Nori)
  • Smoked Sea Salt – Naturaly Manuka smoked sea salt
  • Dulse and spagetti seaweed
  • Sea Grapes from Fiji
  • Wakame