05 Dec 2012

Marlborough Saffron Room

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Little Karoo (Great Taste NZ) has an exclusive supply position for Marlborough Saffron products in the New Zealand market, servicing Hospitality and Delicatessen requirements.

Marlborough Saffron leads the way in innovation and formulation development providing products with great flavour and colour with convenience of use –

  • Saffron Threads – plump, colourful, flavoursome threads, with an orange hew of exceptional quality (Produced using unique drying technology).
  • Saffron Extract – A unique NZ formulation which is water based, stabilising the ingredients for optimum colour, flavour and ease of use.
  • Saffron Verjuice – This Neudorf based Verjuice creates sensational dressings when combined with oil and orange juice. A great dressing with Cloudy Bay Clams.
  • Saffron Oil – In a style similar to Truffle oil Saffron supercritical extract is combined with rice bran oil to create an oil with Saffron flavour for dressings, Sauces and garnishing.
  • Saffron Encapsulated Powder – Encapsulation provides a shelf stable product ideal for use where no added liquid is wanted or required. Saffron encapsulated powder looks great sprinkled like a “pollen” on a dessert .

New Zealand is proving it can produce Saffron of very high quality. Tests on Marlborough Saffron indicate that the three key elements Crocin (Colour), Saffronal (Flavour) and Picrocrocin (bitterness) match the very best of International product.

New Zealand Chef’s support our assertion regarding the very high quality of NZ Marlborough Saffron and their unique formulations.  “ You need to look at the quantity of Marlborough Saffron used to achieve results required coupled with price”.     (Marlborough Saffron is very cost effective in use)