Great Taste Products

The Pepper Tree (Kawakawa) is sometimes described as Bush Basil and is used widely in Food, Beverage and Cosmetic products. It is harvested in the Bay of Plenty on coastal and bush verges. Traditionally the Maori used it in cuisine and medicine.
Karengo is harvested in the wild from the sea coast in New Zealand. It is a close cousin of Nori.
Horopito (Bush Pepper) is found in more moutainess country in New Zealand. It is one of the oldest surviving uniquely New Zealand trees. Like Kawakawa it has a history of use in Maori Cuisine and medicine and is now used in contemporary cuisine, beverages and condiments.
Our native flax (Harakeke) grows throughout NZ and is often seen in wet locations. The product historically was used for weaving, rope and basket making.
Grove Avocado Oil
Grove produced the first unique cold pressed Avocado Oil in New Zealand in the Bay of Plenty.
Fresh Fields Syrups
Freshfields Syrups are Pure concentrated Syrups including Pear, Apple and Maple and Pear produced by ENZAfoods.
Crayfish Oil
Crafted in New Zealand from Crayfish bodies and produced exclusively for Great Taste NZ to a very high standard.
Coppersfolly Pure Wasabi
Coppeersfolly Pure Wasabi is gorwn on the West Coast and in Canterbury regions of the South Island where Winter chill enhances great flavour.
Australian Meats
Lean Game Meats sustainably harvested in Australia include Crocodile and Kangaroo