05 Dec 2012

Cold Smoker

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At last a cost efficient Cold Smoker!!

The UFO Cold Smoke Generator unit can be readily attached to standard smoke box with double racks. (You can of course use the Smoke Box for hot smoking if you choose)

The UFO Cold Smoke Generation Unit is simply fixed on the end of smoke box by drilling a hole between the bottom and upper racks at the end of Smoker about 50-80mm from side of smoke box(Drill attachment provided with kit).

You can use Pohutukawa and Manuka chips, both of which are available with unit and will burn for about 4 hours with small variable speed fish pump providing air supply as shown in photo. (Chips are best as they drop freely through cold smoke generator while burning).

The UFO is an ingenious unit operating  by simple venturi action to provide cold smoke to the smoke box. It is perfect for smoking Salmon, Meat, Cheese or Vegetables of choice.         Cold Smoking (with or without Pre brining) will give full penetration of flavour in smoked product.

The UFO Hot or Cold Smoke Box plus cold smoke generator supplied with 2 x 500gm tubs of chips will be available at $215 plus GST. ( Freight will be charged according to location.)

Please contact John  0274915414 for further details.