28 Jan 2012

Avocado Oil NZ

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Product Range

Extra Virgin
Our extra virgin avocado oil is made from 100% New Zealand grown avocados which are cold pressed to extract the most nutritious avocado oil in the world.
Infused Oils
Using only natural flavours and infusing them with our renowned extra vrigin Avocado oil, our range of infused avocado oils are perfect for creating new and flavoursome dishes. There are five infused oils in the Grove range: Lime, Garlic, Chilli, Lemon-Pepper and Horopito.
Premium Range
Our NEW premium extra virgin Avocado oil has been crafted with the same attention as a special reserve wine. As in the production fine wines, soil and climatic conditions play an important role in developing the colour, flavour and aroma

Cooking Spray
Our Avocado oil aerosol spray is perfect for barbecuing, pan-frying and high heat cooking, and provides light even coverage on cooking surfaces. The aerosol spray contains our extra virgin avocado oil made from 100% New Zealand grown Avocados.

Grove produces certified organic Extra Virgin Avocado Oil using fruit supplied by certified organic growers. Avocado Oil New Zealand Limited is certified in accordance with the requirements of BioGro New Zealand organic standards and to the requirements of the USDA