05 Dec 2012

Asian Influence

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Asian styles of Cuisine and ingredients ( Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Thai ) have made a huge impact on NZ Cuisine. Restaurants of all types now present food with an Asian twist, fusion, or influence.                                                            Sushi has made huge inroads in NZ and Natural demographics and tourism to NZ would suggest we will see a growing Asian influence in food.

Recognising this trend Little Karoo has worked closely with Pacific Harvest to develop their range of International and local Seaweeds for the Hospitality market. The use of seaweeds in menus is both a healthy trend and a growing trend worldwide.

 Alan Mickes, Executive Chef of Hotel DeBrett Auckland forwarded detail of his dish of –                                                   Lightly Cured Akaroa Salmon, Sea Vegetables, Crab and Almonds.                                                                                                                                Alan uses Sea Spaghetti, Karengo(NZ Nori) and Wakame as sea vegetables and you may note he garnishes with fresh NZ Samphire supplied by Little Karoo/Great Taste NZ.

Little Karoo has extended its own range with the introduction of two Japanese style products with a New Zealand “Twist” –

Furikake – A mix of sesame seed, seaweeds and Wasabi                                                                                                                                                Togarashi – A mix of sesame seed, peppers, Chilli, lemon and NZ peppers Horopito and Kawakawa (A NZ twist on Japanese 7 spice Togarashi)

Both of these products have proven to be very popular with chef’s.